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QUOTE FROM TARIFFS HURT THE HEARTLAND SPOKESMAN BRIAN KUEHL: “Tariffs have a sweeping impact that hurts businesses, farmers, manufacturers, miners, workers and families across West Virginia. As the trade war continues, the costs will only grow. Tariffs cost jobs, raise prices for everyday items, and make it harder for manufacturers and other businesses to keep their doors open. We need to end tariffs before the damage gets worse.” ALUMINUM TARIFFS WILL HURT WEST VIRGINIA’S VITAL AEROSPACE INDUSTRY. “Aerospace companies in West Virginia have an economic impact of over $1 billion per year in the counties of North Central West Virginia […]

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QUOTE FROM ALAN WEBER, FARMER AND AGRICULTURAL ECONOMIST, MARSHALL, MO: “Tariffs have already done significant damage to Missouri’s agriculture industry – and that’s just part of the story. Across the state, farmers, manufacturers, small businesses, workers, and families are facing increased costs, fewer jobs, and higher prices because of tariffs. Unfortunately, unless the trade war ends, things are going to get a lot worse before they get better.” TARIFF EFFECT ON MISSOURI IS ‘NOT SUSTAINABLE.’ “’Definitely the tariffs are the biggest negative thing we’ve seen,’ said Adam Jones, a farmer from Old Monroe in Lincoln County. ‘It feels odd to see […]

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Louisiana Congressman will help tell the stories of business owners, farmers and families hurt by the trade war as part of the growing nationwide, non-partisan campaign against tariffs FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                 Contact: (Washington, D.C.) – Tariffs Hurt the Heartland, the nationwide, non-partisan campaign against tariffs, today announced that former Republican Congressman Dr. Charles Boustany will join the campaign as a spokesman. Congressman Boustany is a trade expert with over a decade of experience working across party lines on trade policies in Congress, including on […]

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As he visits Florida today, President Trump should listen to Floridians bearing the costs of the trade war This week Tariffs Hurt the Heartland, the nationwide grassroots campaign against tariffs, unveiled new data that showed how tariffs are directly impacting Florida’s economy. The statistics, which were compiled by The Trade Partnership, revealed that tariffs cost Florida businesses $122 million in the month of August alone. This represents a 49-percent increase in tariff-related costs compared to this point last year. These costs are borne directly by the hardworking Florida taxpayers that the administration promised to protect. “When Florida businesses are hurt by higher tariffs, those costs are […]

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Soybean exports to China from the Hoosier state have plummeted 34% so far this year while pork exports to Mexico that had been growing declined precipitously following tariff announcement New data released as President Trump comes to Indianapolis to make his case to farmers at the National FFA Convention and Expo FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                          Contact: Matt@tariffshurt (Washington, D.C.) – New data released today shows that soybeans, the dominant Indiana farm export to China, have been hit hard by tariffs imposed […]

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WAUKESHA, WI – Wisconsin farmers, manufacturers and business owners joined Tariffs Hurt the Heartland, a nationwide grassroots campaign against tariffs, at a town hall today to unveil new economic data detailing the impact of tariffs on Wisconsin’s economy. The data, compiled by the Trade Partnership, shows that tariffs cost Wisconsin businesses almost $95 million in August alone. That represents a 47 percent increase in tariff-related costs since the same point last year—even though the value of imports only increased 13 percent over that period. These costs fall squarely on the backs of farmers, manufacturers, small business owners, and their employees […]

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QUOTE FROM BRIAN KUEHL, FARMERS FOR FREE TRADE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: “Wisconsin’s economy is getting crushed by tariffs. These taxes make it harder for businesses to keep their doors open and force families to pay more for everyday items. From higher costs to loss of export markets, our farmers, manufacturers, and retailers are all feeling the pain caused by tariffs. Without a new approach to trade, those costs will continue to rise and they will continue to hurt Wisconsin workers, families, and businesses.” THE LITTLE GUYS ARE ‘GETTING CRUSHED.’ “It’s been catastrophic,” said [Rob] Parmentier, president and CEO of Marquis-Larson Boat […]

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White House Begins Another Pro-Tariff Push, but State-by-State, Tariffs Are Still Hurting Americans  WASHINGTON – Tariffs Hurt the Heartland, a nationwide grassroots campaign against tariffs, responded today to the latest push by the White House to promote tariffs in a series of state-by-state media calls. “The longer the trade war lasts, the more harm it will cause Americans across the country,” said Tariffs Hurt the Heartland Spokesman Brian Kuehl. “The evidence is already in: tariffs are hurting families, small businesses, farmers, manufacturers, and retailers in all 50 states. The current trade agenda is a drag on every corner of our […]

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WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump will visit Texas this evening, just days after the Dallas Morning News reported that the trade war has already cost $654 million in the Lone Star State. Before the President rallies in Houston tonight, be sure to check out this report about how his trade policies are causing pain across the Texas economy – pain that won’t stop unless the trade war comes to an end. Texas Companies Paid $654M More in Tariffs This Summer Than the Last Amid Trump’s Trade War Dallas Morning News By Tom Benning October 18, 2018 WASHINGTON — Texas companies […]

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QUOTE FROM TARIFFS HURT THE HEARTLAND SPOKESPERSON BRIAN KUEHL: “With a large agriculture industry that supports the state’s rural economy and an important advanced manufacturing base, the trade war is hitting Nevada where it hurts most. The pain will only continue as tariffs take an effect on everyday necessities, driving up prices for the items that Nevadans buy most. Tariffs are taxes that hurt everyone, including families, workers, farmers, ranchers, manufacturers, and retailers. As the trade war keeps escalating, communities like Elko will continue to suffer.” TARIFFS ARE PART OF ‘PERFECT STORM’ SLAMMING NEVADA FARMS. “A wall of surplus beef, […]