FFT Chair Baucus on Chinese Tariffs: “This is a Tax on American Farmers”

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Statement from Farmers for Free Trade Co-Chair Max Baucus on China Imposing Tariffs on American Agriculture Products

(Bozeman, MT) – Today, Farmers for Free Trade Co-Chair Max Baucus released the following statement after China imposed new tariffs on American agricultural exports as retaliation for U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum.

“This is a tax on American farmers, brought about by protectionist trade policies. American farmers appear to be the first casualties of an escalating trade war. With farm incomes already declining, farmers rely on export markets to stay above water. These new tariffs are a drag on their ability to make ends meet.

“This could be the calm before the storm. While $3 billion in retaliatory tariffs is a major hit, the retaliation expected on agriculture from the 301 trade action could be broader and deeper. Now is the time to deescalate both the trade rhetoric and actions that have brought us to a point where American farmers are being targeted.”

·       See the agricultural products China is imposing tariffs on HERE. (NOTE: tariffs will be 15% excepts for pork which will be imposed at 25%.)

·       Farmers for Free Trade is currently airing TV ads on cable news, online, and on ag outlets across the country warning against retaliation. Watch the latest ad featuring an Indiana soy farmer HERE.


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