At Farm Show, New Data Reveals Pennsylvania Businesses Paying Massive Increase In Tariffs As Exports Plummet

Pennsylvania businesses have now paid an extra $271 million in import tariffs due to Trump tariffs 

Most recent monthly data shows Pennsylvania businesses have paid $95 million in tariffs on products subject to new Trump tariffs; more than nine times what was paid on the same products last year

Pennsylvania exports are also paying the price for trade war: exports subject to retaliation down 20%, thanks to $118 million in new retaliatory tariffs

CONTACT: or Harrisburg, PA – Record-high tariffs are hitting Pennsylvania hard, according to new data released yesterday at the Pennsylvania Farm Show by Tariffs Hurt the Heartland and compiled by The Trade Partnership. The data includes the first look at the full weight of tariffs that have been imposed on $200 billion in Chinese imports and the resulting retaliatory actions taken against American exports. In October 2018 (the most recent month available), Pennsylvania businesses paid $95 million in tariffs on products subject to Trump administration tariffs – more than nine times the amount paid in tariffs on the same products a year ago. Since new tariffs were imposed, Pennsylvania businesses have paid an extra $271 million in import tariffs.

See the Pennsylvania State Impact Report HERE for more information.

The record-setting Pennsylvania numbers correspond with new national data showing American businesses paid $6.2 billion in tariffs in October, the highest amount for any month in U.S. history.

“Tariffs are taking a toll on Pennsylvania farmers, workers, manufacturers, business owners and families,” said Farmers for Free Trade Co-Founder, Angela Hofmann. “Tariffs cost jobs, drive up prices, and make it harder for businesses to keep their doors open. The data shows that the trade war has failed to achieve any of the administration’s goals, but the costs continue to pile up in Pennsylvania and across the country.”

Though tariffs are billed by the administration as a way to reduce the trade deficit, export numbers reveal that the opposite is happening. Since the trade war began, Pennsylvania exports have faced $118 million in new retaliatory tariffs, including $35 million in October. As a result, Pennsylvania exports subject to retaliation have dropped 20 percent.

“Farmers rely on exports, but tariffs are making it harder for them to sell their commodities and making it easier for foreign competitors to take over export markets that Americans worked for years to develop,” Angela Hofmann added. “The damage caused to American agriculture by the trade war could be irreparable if the administration continues on its course.”

The data was released at the Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg. At the event, Tariffs Hurt the Heartland held a discussion featuring Farmers for Free Trade, the Pennsylvania State Grange and the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau.

Part of a larger series, the data released today is the latest segment of the monthly Tariff Tracker that Tariffs Hurt the Heartland has launched in conjunction with The Trade Partnership, who compiles monthly data released by the U.S. government. The monthly import data is calculated using data from the Census Bureau, and the monthly export data is compiled based on Census Bureau and U.S. Department of Agriculture data. As part of the Tariff Tracker project, Tariffs Hurt the Heartland is releasing data on how individual states have been impacted by increased import tariffs and declining exports.

Tariffs Hurt the Heartland is the nationwide, non-partisan campaign opposing tariffs that is supported by more than 150 trade associations from every industry. Tariffs Hurt the Heartland has been holding town hall meetings on the tariff impact of tariffs in communities across the country. The campaign is also airing ads across 11 states in the Midwest that describe the impact of tariff increases on consumers and has launched an interactive map tracking the tariff impact on American employers.

For additional information and data from the Tariff Tracker contact or


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