Voice of the Farmer

Trade is critical to U.S. agriculture. Now you can add your voice in support of free trade. Farmers for Free Trade is launching the Voice of the Farmer campaign. From this website, you can record a video in support of trade.

Check out our new national TV spot that highlights the damaging impacts of new tariffs on American famers.

About Farmers for Free Trade

American farmers, ranchers and consumers benefit greatly from free trade.  The food that we export and the other agricultural products that we ship to other countries support over 1,000,000 U.S. jobs.  Fully 20% of American farm revenue comes from our exports.

American farmers count on a global trading system that drives sales of our world class products, lowers expenses and provides a reliable way to do business with our key trading partners.

Farmers for Free Trade amplifies the voices of millions of American farmers, ranchers and agricultural businesses who want to open new markets for our products, simplify the way we do business and, most importantly, reduce risk and uncertainty.

Join Farmers for Free Trade

By joining, you will be added to a list of supporters who help give voice to America’s farmers and ranchers. Together, we can make sure that America does not turn its back on trade that supports our agricultural economy.